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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
What is a Paillard?
Question 2
Which of the following is inedible?
Question 3
What is the thickening agent in a Picatta Sauce?
Question 4
What is "Cioppino"?
Question 5
How many drops of water does it take to fill a standard U.S. teaspoon?
Question 6
What form did breakfast cereal take when it was first developed?
Question 7
A West Virginia farmhand developed the Golden Delicious in 1912. What is it?
Question 8
What tequila-based drink is also the name of a song by Queens of the Stone Age?
Question 9
What very-hot-tasting edible root is often served as a spicy sauce with roast beef?
Question 10
What Colorado brewery turned to making malted milk during Prohibition?
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