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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Dudley Moore's part in 10 was originally given to which actor?
Question 2
Who starred alongside John Goodman in the 1998 movie 'The Big Lebowski'?
Question 3
In 1991 film Jungle Fever, how did Gator die?
Question 4
Which of these classic De Niro movies was released first?
Question 5
Maggie Smith plays which character in the Harry Potter films?
Question 6
Where did Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor get married in 1964?
Question 7
Which playwirght helped to write Shakespeare In Love?
Question 8
Which popstar starred in the 1970 film Performance?
Question 9
What is the name of the 1983 drama starring Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Dennis Hopper, Diane Lane and Nicholas Cage?
Question 10
Steve Martin married which British actress?
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