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Do you remember these old cities?

Question 1
The Swiss city of Chur has a history dating back how many years?
Question 2
Now Portugal's third largest city, which town is the country's oldest?
Question 3
Leptis Magna was a Roman city in which African country?
Question 4
What was the Indian city of Chennai called until 1996?
Question 5
Vikings are said to have settled in which American country in around 1000 AD?
Question 6
The ancient city of Antioch is in which modern day country?
Question 7
What was the previous, anglicised name of Guangzhou in China?
Question 8
Which Greek town was previously known as Salonica?
Question 9
Fort William and Port Arthur merged to form which Canadian city in 1970?
Question 10
In 1450AD, which Spanish city overtook Paris as the most populated in Europe?
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