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Can you beat the score of this nurse?

Question 1
Which of these words can have its letters unscrambled to spell a medical condition?
Question 2
What common kitchen ingredient can work well if toothpaste is not available?
Question 3
Food must be reduced by what percentage to qualify as less fat?
Question 4
What type of wife might assist pregnant women in labour?
Question 5
The flow of blood through your heart and around your body is called what?
Question 6
Sort these medical inventions in order from earliest to latest creation.
Question 7
Doctors often abbreviate haemoglobin to which two letters?
Question 8
What colour is dandruff?
Question 9
Which mineral, essential for bone health, is found in dairy products?
Question 10
What is it called when your upper teeth cover your lower teeth when you bite down?
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