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Question 1
Using fluoride results in what percentage decrease in childhood cavities?
Question 2
The DNA code is made up of which four letters?
Question 3
Stones can block the cystic duct in which organ of the body?
Question 4
During meiosis, which creates four cells, how many times does the cell divide?
Question 5
The medical term "refractory" is best defined as?
Question 6
When a patient needs to wake at night to pass urine it is called what?
Question 7
If your body is in equilibrium, medically you are in what?
Question 8
If a patient is suffering from Jaundice, what colour are their skin and eyes turning?
Question 9
The human Larynx is more commonly called the what?
Question 10
In which body organ would you find the nephron?
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