History Quiz
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What was the name of the Lakota chief who led the allied Native American tribes with Chief Gall and Crazy Horse at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?
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The country Colombia was named for what famous explorer?
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What year did Prince Rainier of Monaco marry Grace Kelly?
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Greenland wasn't really green, and Vinland wasn't really covered in vines. Who named them both, and icy Iceland, besides?
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Silvio Berlusconi was expelled for what crime in 2013?
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In 1967 how many days did the Six Day War between Israel and neighbouring Arab states last?
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Who is referred to as "King of the Wild Frontier"?
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How many terms is a US president allowed to serve?
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Poor people in ancient China wore clothes made of what?
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What was the name of the young shepherd who became King of Israel?