Science Trivia Quiz
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What is the sprouting of a new plant structure called?
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The positive terminal is a copper anode with a high voltage and the negative terminal is an iron anode with a low voltage. What is this?
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Although Ascanio Sobrero invented this, it was Alfred Nobel who figured out to a way to let that poisonous (and extremely dangerous) yellow oil soak harmlessly (for a while) into clay, creating dynamite. What is it?
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In which part of the bone is blood made?
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Which season does the part of Earth tilted towards the sun experience?
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How do scientists refer to the direction from which the wind is blowing?
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What beast "cries" tears that today symbolize insincerity, but that actually help it get rid of excess salt?
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Who was the first U.S. woman astronaut?
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What part of your car was made obsolete by the fuel-injection system?
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If an animal is "arboreal," where does it live?