Common Knowledge Questions
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Venison is the meat from which animal?
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A busy restaurant sells 350 burgers, 220 milkshakes and 400 portions of fries in a shift. How many items do they sell in total?
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In 1969, who popularized the Paul Anka song that begins with: "And now, the end is near - And so I face the final curtain"?
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Which is heaviest: a ton, a pound, a hundredweight or an ounce?
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What was the name of Buddy Holly's backing band?
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Thyme, bay leaf, basil and mint belong to which group?
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Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts ...
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Cuba is less than a hundred miles away from what U.S. state?
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Which country is called Deutschland by its own people?
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Whose autobiography was called 'I Am Not Spock'?

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